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Thermostaatkraan HomeKit Eve ELGATO



Thermostaatkraan HomeKit Eve ELGATO

SKU: ELG_Thermostat

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Thermostaatkraan geschikt voor HomeKit van Apple. Deze thermostaatkraan uit de Eve serie van Elgato verhoogt het leefcomfort in je huis. Maak automatische scenes en bedien hem op afstand (AppleTV vereist).
€ 69,95


  • Werkt met HomeKit


  • Voor Scenes Apple TV nodig


Stroom2 x AA Penlite
Voeding/BatterijAA Penlite
Compatible met HC2Nee
Compatible met HC LiteNee
Compatible met HomeyNee
Compatible met Vera Lite/3/EdgeNee
Compatible met ZipaboxNee
Compatible met ZipatileNee
Compatible met DomoticzNee
Compatible met HomeseerNee
Compatible met BeNextNee
Compatible met TahomaNee
Compatible met HomeKitJa

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Improve your comfort.
Feel better in your home by getting the temperature just right. With Eve Thermo, set your perfect comfort level with a simple tap or using Siri, and create schedules to automatically heat your home to match your daily routine.

Heat smarter.
Upgrading your room to truly smart heating couldn’t be simpler. Simply replace your existing radiator valve with Eve Thermo, and forget about manually controlling your temperature. Now, all you have to do is set your desired comfort level, and Eve Thermo will take care of the rest.

Create schedules.
Easily match your heating to your daily routine with schedules. Choose one of the built-in presets, or customize different temperatures and times with a few simple taps. And because it’s truly smart, Eve Thermo will know exactly when you expect to return home to comfort - without relying on you or your iPhone to be around.

Use your voice.
Use Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to set the desired temperature with just your voice. Control individual rooms or multiple radiators throughout your home, and create groups using the Eve app to access them simultaneously. And don’t worry about needing to turn your heating off again - Eve Thermo will automatically resume to match your daily routine upon the next scheduled change.

Gain Insights.
See your heating patterns and actual room temperature at a glance, and view beautiful graphs by day, month or year. Gain insights that help you improve your comfort, and make your home a smarter place.

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Thermostaatkraan HomeKit Eve ELGATO

Schrijf de eerste review over dit product

€ 69,95
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