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Somfy | Smart Products for Solar Protection

Somfy is a French company and market leader in tubular motors. They are best known for their remote controlled RTS and IO motors. They also enter the home automation market with their Tahoma box. With their Z-wave USB module it is also possible to operate Z-wave devices.
Somfy protocols
You can use the Somfy controllers to operate your Somfy system properly (and remotely).
 Tahoma box, the most comprehensive controller. Expandable with Z-wave functionality
 RTS or IO Remotes (Situo 1 channel, Situo 5 channel, Telis 16 channel, etc).

As mentioned, Somfy makes tubular motors. Qau protocols are of 3 different types:
 WT, Wired Technology.
  The wired system. Here you can connect your own Z-wave roller shutter module module.
RTS, 433Mhz
Somfy's wireless system that can be operated from a Tahoma box or an rfxcom. No feedback
The latest wireless system from Somfy. Now with feedback and position report. Works exclusively with the Tahoma box and the Connexoon IO.

Somfy tube motors
Somfy is the market leader in tubular motors for:
 Roller doors
Garage doors
Which Somfy motor is the right one?
In order to select the correct engine, you need to know the following information:
Should the motor be wirelessly operable via RTS (io) or via a normal switch (you can then mount a Z-wave module on it)
Tube diameter (40-50 or 60 mm)
The speed, which determines how fast the roller shutter moves up and down
The power, this has to do with the weight of the roller shutter.
To be able to choose the right motor Somfy has developed the Somfy calculation tool. After you have found the right engine, you can order it from us on the site. Of course we can always speak to you by phone.
Somfy Tahoma Switch
Demo. De nieuwe versie van de Somfy TaHoma box
Alexa & Google Assistant,
Zigbee & Wifi

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Somfy Tahoma Switch
De nieuwe versie van de Somfy TaHoma box ...
Alexa & Google Assistant,
Zigbee & Wifi


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Somfy Nutrition Tilt & Lift
12V DC voeding voor Somfy tilt&lift motoren....


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Somfy Situo 5 Variation RTS