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Trust Smarthome (Click-On-Click-Off) | Very affordable wireless home automation

Trust Smarthome (formerly named COCO) products distinguish themselves in the wireless home automation market by their attractive price. This low price has a reason, it is simple technology, but sometimes good is good enough. Where Z-wave focuses on the top end of the wireless home automation market, KAKU focuses more on basic home automation. A simple switch for an outdoor lamp, for example, or automatically switching the Christmas tree.

More generally, you can say that these products are suitable for less critical applications, or for devices located within a few meters of the controller. For example, if you use the Homey as a controller, you can even use a mix of 433Mhz, Zigbee and Z-wave products together.
Another frequently used solution to control your Click-On-Click-Off modules is an Rfxcom connected to a Raspberry Pi.
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