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Smart lamps or smart switches

Smart lamps or smart switches

1 October 2020

Do you opt for a smart lamp or a smart switch?

If you have just got used to the fact that with your home automation system you can do much more than a switch-lamp relationship with which you make your switch smart, there also appear to be smart lamps where the wireless smartness is built directly into the lamp.

Therefore, this mini blog to explain the advantages of a smart lamp compared to a smart switch.

Smart lamp

smart lamps are lamps with a built-in transmitter receiver that can talk directly to your home automation controller.

Advantages of smart lamps compared to smart switches

- You don't have to mount anything, just replace the lamp and you're done

- All smart bulbs are individually dimmable

- You also have lamps with adjustable light color (warm-cold white)

- And there are even lamps that work with colors (RGBW).

But there are also a number of drawbacks

- Your existing switch does not work properly, if you set the switch to off, the lamp is no longer accessible because it has no power supply.

- It is an expensive solution with multiple lamps per switch. After all, you only need 1 smart module for multiple lamps.

- If the lamp breaks, you have to buy an 'expensive' lamp again.

- If you want to switch several lamps at the same time, you have to switch them on individually and to the correct dimming value to prevent differences

- Existing 'dumb' dimmers do not work (this also applies to smart modules)

Smart modules

You place smart modules behind your existing switch and take over the operating function of the switch or dimmer.

The advantages of smart modules have already been described above for the disadvantages of smart lamps.

A number of points for attention when you choose smart modules:

- Connecting / installing can sometimes be a chore.

- You must take into account the presence of the blue wire (with the exception of some dimmers)

- Sometimes dimming does not work properly when the smart dimmer-bulb combination does not work properly.

- A smart module behind a switch cannot be combined with a smart lamp.

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