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maart 2013

  • The Fibaro wall plugs are in

    25 maart 2013 3254 keer bekeken

    YES! We recieved the Fibaro Wall plugs today!!! Enough in stock to make you guys happy...So were open for order!

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  • Finaly : Fibaro Wallplugs are shipped!!!!

    21 maart 2013 3031 keer bekeken


    We recieved a message from fibaro that finaly the Z-wave wall plugs FIB_FGWPF-101.

    We hope to ship them when they arrive!!!

    A bit more patience....

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  • New beta release UI 5

    17 maart 2013 3557 keer bekeken

    MiCasaVerde released a new firmware this week:


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  • Project : Z-wave doorbel

    15 maart 2013 3990 keer bekeken

    Although the Z-wave doorbell we have is already working flawless for months, we didnt have time so far to put in our new Z-wave projects sheet. But now it is!

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  • Update : Delivery date Fibaro Wall Plugs.

    13 maart 2013 3004 keer bekeken

    We recieved a message from fibaro that they will start shipping the Fibaro wall plugs as from the end of this week (15-3-2013), after being delayed 4 times now we hope that they will arrive soon in our shop (www.robbshop.nl)... Sorry guys for keep you waiting.
    Fibaro says they have a added a last minute feature

    "This is a feature that if alarm frame is activated the wall plug will inform about that with special visual effect ( valuable especially for people who do not hear )"

    Keep you posted!

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  • Privacy van de slimme meter?

    3 maart 2013 2893 keer bekeken

    Brengt de slimme meter privacy in gevaar?

    Posted in: Domotica Algemeen
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